My Mission is to save the world.

The world today has a lot of serious problems. So many and so big that it makes you want to give up before you even try to solve them.

I’m not so foolish to believe that I can save the world on my own. That’s impossible.I believe that if every one of us picked a problem their passionate about and worked it day and day out,we would be well on our way to saving the world.

I’m passionate about health and wellness. I love feeling great, energized and enjoying great moods. I want that for everyone. I’m also passionate about all things related to sustainability. I want to educate and inspire people to make lifestyle changes that benefit them and the planet. That is one of the main reasons why I started the, “Health Stuff You Need To Know Podcast”.

I plan to help save the world in this way. I find it to be very rewarding.

I invite you to pick a passion and work it. I’m certain you will get way more out of it in fulfillment and satisfaction than the effort you put in.