Ep. 9 Learn To Avoid Toxins and Loose Weight on this Listener’s Digest Episode

This is Scott W. Kirkland’s 4th ┬áListener Digest Episode where he listens to 2 of his favorite podcast episodes from his favorite health podcasters and distills them down in his own words to give you even more actionable health information in less time. Similar to Reader’s Digest but with audio. Scott digested approximately 2 hours of podcast’s down to 23 min.

The 1st Podcast digested was actually an episode of a TV show. Episode 5 , Season 4 of “Inside Man”, “The Truth About Toxins” with Morgan Spurlock from “Super Size Me” fame. Learn about: flame retardants, pcf’s, hormone disrupting chemicals, phthalates, BPA, pesticides, cell phone and wifi safety, detox strategies and more!

The 2nd Podcast digested was; Dr. Andrew Miles: Why We Binge on Junk (and What To do About It) on the “Fat Burning Man” Podcast hosted by Able James. Learn about how the junk food industry is working hard to make you eat more crap, plant medicines combined with contemporary treatment and more!

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