Ep.7 Listeners Digest , How to live to 100, Slow Aging, Lose Weight and Gain Energy!

This is Scott W. Kirkland’s 3rd  Listener Digest Episode where he listens to 3 of his favorite podcast episodes from his favorite health podcasters and distills them down in his own words to give you even more actionable health information in less time. Similar to Reader’s Digest but with audio. Scott digested approximatley 3 hours of podcasts down to 27 minutes.

The 1st podcast digested was; Episode 196 of The Model Health Show “Secrets of Living Healthfully to 100 and Why Goddesses Never Age”. Hosted by Shawn Stevenson  and Jade Corel with their guest Dr. Christiane Northrup. Learn about: health practices of centenarians, cautions surrounding medical screening such as mammograms and prostate tests, why you should not blindly trust your medical doctor and a lot more.

The 2nd podcast digested was; “How to Slow Down Aging” on the Revolution Health Radio show,  hosted by Chris Kresser with guest Dr. Sara Gottfried. Learn about genetics and your health, how to slow down your’re ageing, how inflammation plays a role in all chronic disease and more.

The 3rd podcast digested was “Shift Metabolisim for Peak Energy and Fat Loss” with Mark Sisson on the Earn Your Happy Podcast with Lori Harder. Learn about the benefits of cutting out sugar and other carbohydrates from the best selling author of, The Primal Blueprint and blogger at http://www.marksdailyapple.com/


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