Ep. 5 Listener’s Digest Episode. Scott W. Kirkland Reviews and Distills 2 Podcasts of His Favorite Health Shows.

This is Scott W. Kirkland’s 2nd  Listener Digest Episode where he listens to 2 of his favorite podcast episodes from his favorite health podcasters and distills them down in his own words to give you even more actionable health information in less time. Similar to Reader’s Digest but with audio. Scott digested 2.5 hours of podcasts down to 25 minutes.

The 1st podcast digested was, “Things your Dr. Can’t Say” with controversial Cardiologist  Dr. Jack Wolfson on Daniel Vitalis’s Rewild Yourself Podcast # 142.  Learn about leaky gut, heavy metal toxicity, issues with seafood, issues with vaccines, geoengineering and more.

The 2nd podcast digested was, “The Answer To Cancer” with bestselling author Ty Bolinger on Shawn Stevenson’s The Model Health Show # 51.  Learn about alternative ways to treat cancer, foods to avoid to not get cancer in the first place, genetically modified organisms and there relation to cancer, protolytic enzyme therapy and more.


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