Ep. 3 Listener’s Digest Episode. Scott W. Kirkland Reviews and Distills 3 Podcasts of His Favorite Health Shows.

This is Scott W. Kirkland’s 1st  Listener Digest Episode where he listens to 3 of his favorite podcast episodes from his favorite health podcasters and distills them down in his own words to give you even more actionable health information in less time. Similar to Reader’s Digest but with audio. Scott digested 3 hours of podcasts down to 30 minutes.

The  1st episode digested was Dave Asrpey of Bulletproof Radio Interviewing Dr. Sears. The title is: “How to Avoid & Fix the Damaging Effects of Inflammation”. The episode is  about the best foods for inflammation control and longevity, Brain health tips, what to feed kids before school, avoiding foods that fry your arteries, tips for plane travel, exercise and more.

The 2nd episode digested was  Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman of The Ultimate Health Podcast interviewing  Dr. Sylvia Tara. The title is; “137: Dr. Sylvia Tara – Visceral Fat… The Dangerous Type Of Fat • Stop Eating Carbs And Fat Together • The Gut-Fat Connect”. The episode is all about fat, weight loss, the human microbiome as well the different types of fat in the body.

The 3rd episode digested was Ben Greenfield of Ben Greenfield Fitness interviewing Dr. Mercola. The title is: “High-Fat Fudge Ball, The Best Fruits Blood Sugar, Egg Allergies & More”. The episode is about good fat, too much iron, mitochondrial damage, ketosis and more.


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