Hi, my name is Scott W. Kirkland, also known as The Wellness Whip.

I’d like to tell you about my Podcast which is called;  “Health Stuff You Need To Know” Now the title sums things up nicely, health stuff you need to know.

The podcast is focused on natural health and wellness topics but valuable cutting edge medical interventions may be discussed as well. I will also discuss environmental issues because the health of our environment is directly related to our physical health. The Podcast airs one episode per week. There are two types of episodes. One is an interview with a wellness expert.  The other is a listener’s digest episode where I take two or three episodes from some of my favorite Health and Wellness Podcasters and distill the information down so you can get even more great info in a short amount of time.  I also add my own take. The episode type alternates each week and airs on Tuesdays.

The premise of the show is that we are living in revolutionary times.  Over the last two hundred years or so, humanity has made lots of progress but we have also gotten a lot of things wrong. For example, every year billions of tons chemicals are manufactured and released into the environment.  And our food supply has been seriously altered causing all kinds of health problems.

That’s just a couple of examples.  There’s plenty more.

The rapid rise in diseases like; cancer, diabetes, autism, digestive disorders, etc. are evidence that something is seriously wrong.  I believe that in our toxic modern world we need to be proactive if we want to achieve and maintain optimal vibrant health in the world today.  More so the older we get.

Waiting to get that cancer or diabetes diagnosis from the doctor and then reacting is not a good idea.

I specifically mentioned cancer and diabetes because currently I have two family members with cancer and one with diabetes.  These diseases are so common now I bet you’ve been touched by them as well in one way or another.  I want to give people the health stuff they need to know so they can adapt to the changes and challenges, so that they can adapt and thrive in our toxic modern world.

I want to educate and inspire people to make the lifestyle changes required to achieve and maintain excellent vibrant health.  I also want to promote sustainable lifestyle changes as well.   We can’t just go on trashing the planet.  We have to make progressive steps forward.  Usually practices that are healthy for us are also good for the planet.

If al this sounds good to you, listen to the podcast. If you like it, please, review on itunes and share it.  I sincerely hope you gain valuable information and the inspiration to make positive change in your life.  If you are a perspective guest checking things out, you should come on the show to share your valuable message with my audience.  Join me in my mission to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place.  I could sure use your help.

Thanks for reading.